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submitted on February 22, 2016 6:54 PM EST
Name: Brad Taylor
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Comments: My father in law worked for Ford his entire career and I have an original Ford dealer documentation package for the 1967 GT-30/500 which includes: • 3X 5 trifold color sales brochure with specifications • 2 glossy B&W phots • Original “Salesman’s Feature Card” detailing the differences between the GT 350/50 and the Mustang • Fact sheet • GT 350/500 Promotion- Special Order Form • GT 350/500 Promotion – Suggested Newspaper Ad Copy • GT 350/500 Promotion - Suggested TV/Radio Ad • GT350/500 Price list with options • Transportation charges • Reprint from 1967 Car and Driver magazine All in good condition. I am located in Milwaukee WI. If anyone in the club would be interested, give me a call.
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