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Arthur and the Dogs .... mostly the Dogs!

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submitted on June 20, 2014 2:39 PM EST
Name: Rob Olykan
Email Address: teiltje@xs4all.nl
Web site URL: www.bikecity.nl
Comments: Hi Arthur, Nice website, I love the cars! I own a 68 GMC step side and I was browsing the net for hubcaps. You provided the picture, now I know what they look like, now I have to find them, but where? greetings from The Netherlands Rob P.S. I own a Honda as well, it's a Zoomer, a fantastic thing. Thank for all your info
How did you hear about this site? By browsing for 68 hub caps

submitted on March 27, 2014 3:56 AM EST
Name: Kathy Goodson
Email Address: goodpark68@hotmail.com
Web site URL:
Comments: Had a great time on the tour!!! You rock!! Nice to seen you like dogs too. I have 2 Beagles and a Black Lab myself. Sorry I can't sleep, finishing packing for the trip home. Thanks again!!1
How did you hear about this site? Rock Star Tours!!!

submitted on June 8, 2013 11:29 AM EST
Name: Svetlana
Email Address: hubcapempire@gmail.com
Web site URL: www.hubcapempire.com
Comments: Great website! Love the dogs!
How did you hear about this site? communication on ebay

submitted on January 20, 2013 1:23 PM EST
Name: Victor Thomson
Email Address: twinstar@mtintouch.net
Web site URL:
Comments: Nice website with wealth of info. Fellow Tea Party, animal lover, and 1964 GMC family.
How did you hear about this site? Google search for GMC parts

submitted on October 19, 2009 5:59 PM EST
Name: Ray
Email Address: rdaesq@aol.com
Web site URL:
Comments: Hey Arthur...How are you doing these days, hope all is well with you and your four legged frriends.
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